Kromlüks A.Ş. - Quality Policy

Meet the needs and expectations of our customers and consumers, is to provide quality and safe products.

Quality Management System

Kromlüks A.Ş., primarily to consumer safety, customer and consumer needs of our existing and that may be, to detect and correct expectations, and continually focus on their satisfaction ensures the satisfaction of them.

Our Quality Management System, our Board of Directors and all employees with the contributions of continuous improvement be targeted, standards compliant, provides high quality and safe products.

Intervention is timely and systematic errors. Repeated one more corrective and preventive actions to avoid at all levels are made.

Extending from product design to consumer laws and the chain Kromlüks Inc. rules are complied with. Consumers, customers, suppliers, employees and the relevant agencies when required to be informed.

Quality Management System and Policy will be reviewed periodically develops and efficiency is increased.

Educated, intelligent people of our age and pursuing technology infrastructure resources, in accordance with Consumer Safety and Quality Policy provides a significant contribution reach our goals.